Lingwe’s New Product for Chinaplas 2019
Upload time:2019-10-31

Lingwes New Product for Chinaplas 2019

Lingwe Technology will participate in the Chinaplas 2019 held at China Import and Export Fair Exhibition Hall on 21st-24th May, 2019.

Welcome to our booth Area B Hsll 9.3 P33.

As the first time to be in Chinaplas for a advance material supplier of silica, Lingwe will come with the new product Anti-blocking Agent for Plastic Masterbatch. We hope to bring new energy to the industry.


Homsil K series silica anti-blocking agent, is a synthetic amorphous silica appearing as white free flowing powder. Produced with special technology and surface treatment, K series products have good compatibility with various plastics, which will not affect the transparency and strength of plastic film. Meanwhile, the exposed molecular chains are reduced during the processing of polymers with anti-blocking agent, so that there is no entanglement of macromolecular chains while films are in contact, thereby enhancing the

anti-blocking efficiency. This product is non-toxic, non-polluting, does not contain any volatile substances and precipitates, which ensures the quality of the packaged goods, improves the anti-adhesive

properties of the film on high-speed packaging production lines, improves creep resistance.

Mainly used in anti-blocking masterbatch of PP, PE, PET, PVC, EVA plastic film.

Above of the applications, Homsil K series products are mostly approved in food packaging films.