[Good news] nanoLWE Ion-exchanged Anti-corrosive Pigment Won The Innovation Technology Award In The 60th Anniversary Of The Coating Industry
Upload time:2019-12-03

[Good news] nanoLWE Ion-exchanged Anti-corrosive Pigment Won the Innovation Technology Award

in The 60th Anniversary of The Coating Industry

Honghai ,Lingwe Technology Sales Director was invited to the stage to receive the award

(5th from the right)

Lingwe Technology was invited to participate in this event of "Inheriting History, Paying Tomorrow" which was jointly organized by Coating Industry Magazine and CNOOC Changzhou Coating Chemical Research Institute on November 19, 2019. The 60th Anniversary Industry Summary Conference of Coating Industry was held in Shanghai Himalaya Hotel Pudong.

Coating Industry was founded in 1959. It is the oldest professional journal in China's coatings industry. It is an authoritative magazine that combines academic, knowledge, practicality and industry information. In the past 60 years, it has experienced different periods of entrepreneurship, absorption, introduction, digestion, innovation and development with the Chinese coatings industry. With the growth of several generations of experts, it

has made an indelible contribution to the development of the Chinese coatings industry.

Lingwe Technology is well known in the silica matting agent industry. It focuses on the independent technology research and development, production, sales and technical services of silica subdivided products, and strive to form an enterprise with independent intellectual property rights and core technology. All employees of Lingwe Technology are honored with the Innovation Technology Award won by the new product R & D and production put into production in 2019 this time. We would like to thank many partners for their constant support, help and affirmation. Lingwe Technology will continue to invest in technological innovation and research and further advance the scientific research of environmentally friendly products to make the anti-corrosive pigment free of pollution, non-toxic, and heavy metals, to make the green environmentally-friendly come true.