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          We appoint people on their merits
          Talent is the soul of the enterprise, the company regards talent as the greatest wealth, and always takes talent as the foundation of enterprise development, competition and development.
          The company provides a broad stage for employees to display their talents and a broad space for them to discover, cultivate, respect and develop talents.
          Provide internship opportunities, accumulate work experience and explore potential talents.
          High-quality development platform, reasonable employment mechanism, rapid ability to improve.
          Constantly break through innovation, explore the industry unknown, create the peak of technology;
          A post-doctoral research mobile station will be established on September 23, 2019.
          It means our future development, to ensure that employees can become the owners of the enterprise, to create a "symbiosis" platform;
          We have a young, highly educated staff, a harmonious, diligent work atmosphere, a common development of the team spirit.
          The social responsibility
          Through their own efforts to make contributions to the community to make the community more beautiful.
          Yucai view
          According to the company's strategic development needs, carry out planned training for employees to improve their basic quality.
          Choose to view
          Both political integrity and ability, both internal and external; Appoint people on their merits and play fair.
          Relief of view
          Employing without doubt, reasonable authorization; Let every man make the best of his ability.
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