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          With market segmentation and product segmentation, traditional service models are far from meeting customer needs. To this end, Lingwe Technology broke the traditional single consulting service model and created a multi-dimensional service system. In 2010, Lingwe Technology set up a modern coating technology application center in Guangzhou, equipped with senior engineers and professional technicians, specializing in product technical services, which can optimize, test and analyze formulas according to different needs of customers, providing customers with economical and fast solutions.
          Patent certification
          Lingwe science and technology postdoctoral workstation
          Lingwe Technology's Post-doctoral Research Mobile Station At 9 am on September 23, 2019, Guangzhou Lingwe Technology Co., Ltd.. A wholly owned subsidiary - Lengshuijiang 3A New Material Technology Co., Ltd. of flow of postdoctoral scientific research fund collaborative R&D center ring postdoctoral opening report chemicl engineering was held in Hunan Normal University. Participants included: Deng-ke Ning, director of the Expert Center of the Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security, Ye Yu, section chief, Yue-e Ou, secretary of the Postdoctoral Office of Hunan Normal University, Wei-wei Hu, diector of Lingwe Technology, Li-min Hu, supervisor of Lingwe Technology. At the meeting, Dr. Xianxiang Liu first reported the content of the opening questions, and then the appraisal experts conducted questions and postdoctoral replies. The evaluation group made a comprehensive evaluation and formed the meeting resolution: unanimously agreed that Dr. Liu Xianxiang would enter the station as a postdoctoral.
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