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          Lingwe Technology
          Drafting Unit - The industry standard of Silica Matting Agent
          Lingwe Technology is a modern high-tech industrial group integrating multifunctional silicon dioxide research and development, production, sales and technical services. It is the enterprise in China to propose and execute the concept of developing multiple product lines of matting agent, and the Drafting Unit - The industry standard of Silica Matting Agent. Lingwe Technology’s production base, Hunan 3A New Materials, is located in Lengshuijinag, Hunan Province. Lingwe Technology Center is recognized as Provincial Enterprise Technology Center. In 2018, Lingwe Technology established a post-doctor workstation to offer a technology communication platform for sustainable innovation. Its sales network covers the main national industrial cities and extends to 56 countries. Lingwe Technology has established long-term and stable cooperative relationship with nearly 3,000 manufacturers. At the same time, the company has also expanded to overseas markets, and its product are exported to Europe, South Korea, Malaysia, Brazil, Argentina, The United State, Canada, Egypt, South Africa and other countries. We work together with customers on sustainable silica development. Focusing on advanced materials supply, we look forward to becoming your most trusted partner and the most worthy friends for a better future!
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