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          Focusing on advanced materials supply!
          Implementation Tenet
          Product Staff Professional Ownership
          Steadiness Insistence Initiative Innovation
          Stable product quality, strong product research and development, professional technical services, and continuous market development are the life of the enterprise!
          Innovation, insistence, initiative, passion, guarantee results
          Own the best marketing and technical personnel in the industry, and provide the best development space and the most competitive remuneration package
          Initiative and sincere, dare to speak the truth, have a strong sense of ownership
          Sometimes, stick to the same thing in one name, fulfill a mission, and be loyal to a responsibility. Each piece of HOMSIL matting agent sent to the customer's hands, behind the brand story is a group of brand advocates' insistence. A complex and elaborate process continues from generation to generation. In the name of concentration, we always adhere to the excellent quality of HOMSIL brand, fulfill the mission of national brand development, loyal to the sense of responsibility responsible to customers, and do something worthy of pride.
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